Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wonder Woman

Hey guys

Wonder Woman has always been one of my favourite superheroines, I mean what's there not to like, she's powerful, she's beautiful AND she stands up for justice and gender equality everywhere!  Anyway so I was basically bored this evening and doing some doodle sketches of Wonder Woman and came up with one that I really liked (mostly for the hair) but unlike my usual art I didn't settle for simply colouring her in. The problem with drawing iconic superheroes is...well there's just so little you can play around with the character itself, not much you can modify in terms of hairstyle, costume etc. and the most you can do is play around with the background. Instead I decided to do Wonder Woman in silhouette, leaving in colour only the golden accessories that are iconic to her. Check it out
Wonder Woman doesn't wear black!!!

Okay so I actually think its pretty cool but I've gotten many comments and feedback saying "Wonder Woman doesn't wear black" well... I know that but I guess this is just me expressing what creative freedom I still have without making the character completely unrecognisable.

Of all people you know who I am...who the world needs me to be. I'm Wonder Woman.

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