Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leapord Geckos need Good Homes

Hey guys!

I know when the word cute and adorable comes to mind lizards are generally the last thing one would ever think of. Myself, I usually think of cute little baby birds, all naked and blind in their little cozy nests... but I digress! Personally I've never been a huge fan of geckos. Sure I leave a few grains of rice out for them to eat every now and then but let's face it, they're soft, they got creepy eyes, they stare at you and their tails fall off! Also let's not forget that they eat butterflies too, which can't be good! Which made it all the more alarming, that when Weiyan showed me these lovely little darlings I couldn't help but feel immediately taken to them! Without further ado, meet the broood

The two males. Eublepharius Macularius
By the way these are leapord geckos, so named for the lovely spots on their backs. These are the two males, they get along really well it would seem and don't you just love the tiny little one in the back!!! I know he's my favourite!!!

female leapord gecko
And this is the big mama of the group (literally), that is to say she's large though not necessarily the mother of the other two since I was told that they breed and you know THAT would be disturbing, but look at her, look at that expression! Don't you tihnk she's got a sorta don't-mess-with-me-I'm-a-queen *cough*Jabbathehutt*cough* look about her? Perfect for Star Wars fans by the way!

Anyway I must admit that I have an ulterior motive for showcasing these little lovelies here on my blog today. You see, they won't be having a home much longer as their owner can no longer keep them in a bit and so, he's really desperate to find good and loving homes for all of them. So here's the deal

- 3 healthy and breeding leapord geckos
- Full sized glass terrariums

for a low, low price of RM400!!! And that is a low low price and if you think I'm cheating you, you can go check out the prices at your local pet store! Seriously though, if you are interested at all, drop by Daniel Wong's facebook page and leave him a buzz.

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Nature Rambles said...

They ARE cute!! Lizards have been one of my favourite subjects...but of course, I wouldn't touch them!