Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wings of Paradise @ Chic POP Street Market post mortem

Hey guys!!!

I'm sorry I couldn't do this earlier but I was extremely tired yesterday! As you may remember yesterday was the awesome date of Chic POP Street Market @ Jaya One and thanks to my awesome friend Caryn from yellowcabtrappings, I managed to display and sell some of my one of a kind butterfly winged jewellery. I must say I did fairly well, almost half my stock nicely sold to appreciative customers. I am thankful, truly, to everyone who purchased this one of a kind gift from Nature and to everyone who stopped to show interest or ask questions because, there's really no better way to promote love for butterflies and nature and to tell people about my sustainable butterfly population breeding programme and everything else that I do.

Wings of Paradise sales in the middle of the day
Oh, and if you will allow me to get sidetracked here for a moment, I am pleased to report that these flowers which I have planted to attract butterflies a year a go is finally blossoming. The flowers are really quite pretty and they resemble nothing more than red, fluffy make up brushes! I am told the nectar is really sweet and, though the butterflies have yet to return this time of year to breed, other insects like ants and bees are already partaking in their sugary delight!

Beautiful isn't it? And though they have not much of a fragrance, bees are already starting to come by the bucketloads!
But speaking of sugary delights, I must express how delightful I am for my dear friend, Caryn, firstly for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to meet so many new people, and secondly for how extremely well she had done from yesterday sales! I know you're just going to start counting your profits today dear but I have a hunch you are going to do exponentially well!!! And to top it all off, she even treated all of us to dinner at The Pink Chef. That's what I call grace and no questions there!
With the YCT mannequin, Quin
leading lady, Caryn Lim herself
In the meantime, I suppose all is returning to normal at the Cyren household, the rains are finally letting up, the Garden is beginning to blossom from the torrential months we just had and, if I'm not mistaken a certain pair of lovebirds are beginning to go to nest. A most auspicious omen indeed.


Dewi Batrishya said...

wow. you do have a big passion in this. :) That's great!
Keep up the good work..
It's great tht everyone is showing their suport.
Ganbate! ^^

Nature Rambles said...

That must have been fun!! How do you make such gorgeous jewelry? That's taking your passion to another level!! Beautiful work!