Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photos from the Butterfly Park

Hey guys!!!

This post has seriously been long overdue but then again this blog had not been set up yet when the Sisters and I went over to the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park so I suppose I have my excuse. Anyway all this while I've been feeling pretty satisfied with my Canon Ixus 11015 digital camera but then again I had never been able to use a DSLR properfly before. Fortunately, Lei's brother got her one and she decided to take it to the butterfly park with us. I must say the diference is really amazing but you know a picture speaks a thousand words so enjoy the photograph highlights of some of my most favourite creatures in the world.

This is proof that butterflies love me XD
And closeups of the lovely creatures...

Great Mormon (Papillio Memnon)

Pallid Faun (Melanocyma faunula)
Malayan Lacewing (Cethosia Biblis)
The Green Dragontail (Lamproptera Meges)
And of course, our national butterfly, the Rajah Brooke's Birdwing (Trogonoptera Brookiana)
I think one of the most amazing sights we witnessed there, however, was the act of multiple butterflies puddling which is (as of yet) something I've never seen in any other butterfly farm/house. Really a wonderful sight although, walking was difficult because we didn't want to accidentally crush one of the delicate creatures
Chocolate Albatross (Appias Lyncida)

These were a bunch of chocolate albatrosses puddling, that is, they were sipping up nutrients necessary for their reproductive health from the wet soil. And just to give you a bigger picture of how many butterflies they actually were doing this
And this was just one portion of the park!
Other species also puddling at the park (to lesser extents) were these Great Helen Swallowtails. 

Great Helen (Papillio Helena )
Over all it was a pretty good day spent. We stayed for for almost an hour plus but then again what can one expect when it was a visit from a bunch of butterfly freaks like ourselves! I hear that the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is going through some renovations and expansions, perhaps in a few months when we return there will be even more things to see and enjoy!



MiqTravellers said...

i like the butterflies pictures!

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you for visiting my blog at 'Wild & Wonderful'.

What amazing photos here!

Although I grew up in England in an area where there were still a few Swallowtails, I never saw one there. However, I fulfilled my ambition last summer when we went to Greece - hooray! There were quite a few.

Nature Rambles said...

Lucky you!! Getting to photograph all these beautiful butterflies!! Love all your photos! The one with the butterflies puddling...what a treat! I don't think I've seen the Pallid Faun before. Nor the Green Dragontail. Hope we'll see more after the renovation and the expansion is over.