Monday, October 1, 2012

These things that I Fear

We all have things that we fear.
For some it is rational, like snakes, spiders, or other "harmful" creatures.
For others it can be quite silly, like balloons or, apparently, certain kinds of shapes. 
For me it is certain kinds of countries. 
More specifically, countries that are located either too high North, or too far South of the equator.
I fear countries where the seasons can change and nature can "die". 
No, seriously. They literally scare the crap out of me! 
I fear that mysterious time of the year, 
when it is said that Hades snatches Persephone from her Mother's arms. 
When greasy claws ply against delicate flesh, 
and all of Nature retaliates by turning away in painful sorrow. 
I grow anxious in the Autumn, when the leaves start to turn, 
when animals start to fly South to warmer parts. 
I grow positively frightened in the winter, when the trees have long died. 
When there are no more birds to sing with, 
or butterflies to chase down flower strewn paths. 
For some, snow is like a delicate veil. A beautiful thing of ice and lace. 
For me it is a shroud. A funeral shroud that masks a Mother's tears.
I fear the Winter. I'm not even joking.
Very early on I swore to myself,
that if i were to ever "move" somewhere that I would not go to such places.
At least here, in the tropics even when I'm "alone", I'm never alone.