Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pinup

Hey guys!!!

You know I've always really admired the pin up arts from the forties (what's there not to)! Historically the term Pinup or Pin-up was used to refer to models or actresses, whose images were mass produce as icons of "popular-culture". Pin up girls were often depicted in sexually suggestive poses and could be cut out from magazines or newspapers the way one might cut out celebrity posters from Galaxy Magazine today! However, when pinup posters were first mass produced and distributed in the late forties, they became an instant hit! Anyway, I tried coming up with one of my own. Rose as the Pin-up Tooth Fairy. This one is for the guys, if i say so myself.
So sweet she'll give you a toothache.
Whatcha think? Anyway if that will be all, I have work to do, like document my emerging moth!

TTFN ~ Tata for now

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