Monday, January 17, 2011

Inside the Cocoon or Any larger and you'd be calling Ellen Ripley to deal with it!

Hey guys!

You know I've always wondered what exactly goes on inside a moth's cocoon for the longest time and then I found this. It's actually pretty nifty, its a video some guy posted of a moth cocoon that had been cut open to reveal the growing larvae within. Of course he editted it pretty nicely too and with psychadelic music and since its been awhile since my own nature documentary shorts, why not watch somebody elses?

Pretty nifty isn't it, although, any larger and you'd probably be giving Ellen Ripley a call to deal with it! Some really freaky alienish stuff. In fact the caterpillar at one point reminded me of the insides of those eggs from Alien. But in all seriousness, if you watch the pulsating larvae within the cocoon you can see under its skin some white fillament looking things and I think those are the fats stored by many moth caterpillars to use when they finally emerge as adults (most moths live off this fat and do not eat at all). Either way you'll be as pleased as I am to know that the cutting of this cocoon did not in anyway harm the larvae within and that this moth eventually grew and flew its own way :)

A long time ago, when Twilight meant the end of the day and not the most BARFTASTIC horror franchise of all time


Dewi Batrishya said...

This is rather interesting.. :)

Cyren said...

Hahaha yes! They truly are! Its quite interesting with moths or butterflies that you haven't bred before because its always something to see them emerge for the first time.