Sunday, January 23, 2011

Riverbed in a Jar

Hey guys!!!

If you remember the last time, I constructed a little self-contained biosphere consisting of a large jar filled with dirt and a few small plants dubbed "Rainforest in a Jar", and following the success of that biosphere I decided to come up with a new one, this time with simple life-forms in it! For this new biosphere the theme I went with was a fantasy under-the-water theme and for stones I used a rainbow-coloured gravel instead of the traditional brown. The plant is a small michrantimoide and for life-forms I used small red coloured shrimp which, I am told are really called "Cherry Shrimp".
aqua biosphere
I just set up the biosphere and left it on my table awhile ago but I was told by a friend that the shrimp might die (because they may not be used to the filtered water I use) so I'm still crossing my fingers that at least one of them survives the night (then I will know I'm essentially in the clear!).
Cherry Shrimp
And these are the two shrimp, which, for now still look pretty active and healthy and happy although...I can't but sure but could one perhaps be scuttling with a bit of a limp? :X

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Nature Rambles said...

everything looks nice! Keep us updated on your "riverbed in a jar".