Saturday, January 8, 2011

Naga Siren

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Two languages in one post!!! When I last went to Cambodia I was amazed to find the city decorated by mythical five-headed serpents known as Naga. In Hindu and Buddhist culture/mythology, the Naga were a group of serpent deities both malevolent and benign. Often displaying the traits of both humans and serpents, the males were known as Naga, while the females were Nagini. In World of Warcraft, however the Naga are a race of demisnake humanoids that inhabit the ocean's depths. Formerly Highborne Night Elves, they were banished into the seas after the Sundering when Queen Azshara's pact with the Old Gods transformed them into their current state. In the World of Warcraft, Naga societies are Matriarchal, ruled by their monarch, the Empress Azshara and likewise, all magic is wielded mostly by the females who are known as Sirens, Summoners or Sea-Witches.

Naga Siren, Initial sketch
The Naga Siren of WoW seem to combine both Asian and Greecian myths where, like her namesake she possesses the countenance of a serpentine woman coupled with the magical voice commonly associated with Greecian Sirens. Sketching the Naga Siren was especially challenging as I wanted to make her look sufficiently beautiful, seductive and yet dangerous at the same time. Also the multitude of arms often possessed by Naga females (something very reminiscent of Hindu deitology if you ask me) provide rather diffcult to articulate (where would her joints be???). To top it all off, there were technical difficulties. I am no longer in possession of a scanner and thus, had to photograph my art (with a digital camera no-less) re-do the outlines and try again and again. The end result though, was quite rewarding (as I'm sure you will agree)

Naga Siren, the Eternal Song of Azshara
It seems like this blog has become, amongst other things, a place for me to showcase my art.

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