Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because you give me butterflies... literally

Is it just me,

or does the insect world react more prominently to my presence whenever you're around

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poison Ivy Pin-up

Hey guys!!

So first and foremost, I do apologize for the long period of inactivity in this blog but really I've been so caught up with living in the real world I hardly think twice about putting things down here. I agree, that is a bad habit for a writer should always make it a habit to, well, write! Anyways just to get things started again (and boy do I have a "treat" for you guys coming up; fireflies, butterflies and so much more!!!) I want to post up a short quickie on my latest artwork. If any of you are familliar with the DC Universe (Batman, Superman etc.) well, one of my favourite characters in that universe is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is represented often as a villainess to Batman though, in recent adaptations she is also portrayed as something of an anti-heroine, and besides possessing immunity to all toxins and poisons known to man, she has psionic control over all forms of plant life as well, a power she uses to act as the guardian of Mother Nature herself. Though Poison Ivy's depictions vary throughout the Batman comics (sometimes she is shown as having human skin tone, other times she possesses more of a naked-goddess like persona) I chose to go with the "traditional" foliage bikini and vines which was her trademark look in the earlier comics which I thought was most suitable for this pin-up themed art. Enjoy.