Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Art of Warcraft

It's been quite awhile since I've come up with any new artwork and things have been going rather slow lately (nothing much to blog about) so I've taken most of the time to sit and come up with new sketches and drawings. To kick start 2011 I decided to go easy and come up with a character from Blizzard's Warcraft Universe.

Queen Azshara original sketch (5.1.2011)
Queen Azshara was a challenge to draw in more ways that one. Her character as portrayed in the Warcraft timeline is one that is rather unique. Former ruler of the night elves, she was no stranger to creature comforts and yet (despite being loved by all her subjects) no one would imagine the ammount of power and magic she held within her which resulted in her transformation later on in the series. But what specifically made her such a difficult subject is that Blizzard had never released any official artwork on the character before save in her transformed form (resembling nothing more than a cross between Medusa and Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid). But that was also one of the fun parts. Coming up with Azshara I was able to use my own imagination to come up with an intepretation of the subject by using descriptions of her in the War of the Ancients novellization. I wanted to capture her regality and beauty - and despite comments that I should have drawn her in more snobbish a character - I believe that whatever her true intentions may be, Azshara's outward appearance was never demaning and always captivating which enabled her to capture the hearts and minds of her subjects even as she drew a blade across their throats - literally. Added in some colour today and here's the end result.

Queen Azshara coloured. (Text added via photoshop) 6.1.2011

"To fully prepare for a world of perfection, all the imperfect must be swept away."

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