Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Grasshopper

Hey guys!

Do you remember the cartoon James and the Giant Peach? It was based on Roald Dahl's book of the same name about a boy who spills a bag of magical crocodile tongues resulting in a trip halfway around the world in a giant peach (yeap, the fruit), kept aloft by a flock of seagulls and accompanied by a bunch of giant, and intelligent insects all seeking to live the American Dream (if that's not propoganda I don't know what is!) Meanwhile, one of my favourite characters on the show was non other than Mr. Grasshopper.

Mr. Grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach

In James and the Giant Peach, Mr. Grasshopper was a "great-green grasshopper" that was the size of a dog (though in the movie he was taller than a man) who is the wisest and one of the kindest characters in James and the Giant Peach. Mr. Grasshopper speaks with the cultured air of an English Gentleman and is passionate about such things as art and music. He even sings!

Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of grasshoppers in real life! For one, they eat up my plants at an ALARMING RATE and for a second.... well let's just say I had an extremely traumatic childhood experience with a full grown locust when I was but a wee lad. But I digress. A few days ago while we were rooting around the garden, we found a grasshopper chomping happily on one of our vegetables. Needless to say mom told me to get rid of it. However, pest or not, I felt bad simply killing the poor creature, and throwing it away was not an option because THEY ALWAYS COME BACK. And that's how I found myself, an unwilling caregiver to said grasshopper.

Not very pleasant to look at is he? But hopefully we'll come to like each other with time.

ML: O.o...Your hair is bigger than ever I see...
Me: Yeah, I'm keeping a second brain in there.

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