Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Year of the Snake

Hey y'all

I know the New Year's just came and went not a few months ago (just one month and a few days to be precise) but its time for some of us to celebrate yet another new year. The Lunar, or Chinese New Year. The one time of the year where it is "okay" for a person to pig out on cookies, tidbits, and junk food in general without feeling guilty or being made to feel feel guilty about it! If you're Chinese, anyway... but maybe the same rules apply to everyone else too. I don't know. ANWAY, I know I've not been updating that often so I thought I'd take the time to just come out and wish everyone a prosperous and fortuitous year of the Snake.

Ps. I know Evil isn't really a snake...but he's the closest thing we got to one living with us.