Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Curse of the Golden Spider

Hey guys!

First of all I am feeling a little dissapointed because my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah got cancelled. The deal is, we saw some really cheap and awesome bookings online for airplane tickets to fly to Sabah and back so we though, why not! Anyway the trip had to be cancelled because, by the time we managed to round up enough people to go on a holiday with.... well let's just say the prices skyrocketed! We're all very dissapointed although, it looks like we'll be going to Penang after all (and though its a downgrade from Kota Kinabalu, at least we'll all be together! On a separate note, I was rooting about the garden this morning (pun intended) when I found a most beautiful golden jumping spider.
Golden jumping spider
It was extremely difficult to photograph because the way it reflected the light from its chitinous shell wreaked havoc on my auto focus lense so eventually I put it on the inside of a pickle jar lid and took the photos from there! I really is quite magnificent and I've never seen one like it before. Maybe if it bites me I'll turn into spiderman eh? ...Meanwhile, if you cannot see the iridescence in the above picture, here's what it looks like up close

Golden Spider
Beautiful isn't it! It was rather reflective too so, if you look really closely you can perhaps see the reflection of me taking this photograph! Anyway, as one should often do, I released the little guy back into the hibiscus bushes when I was done taking his photographs! Another wet-ish day for us, which is quite uncharacteristic at this time of year but perhaps i spoke to soon, looks like the clouds are starting to shift! At any rate, take care everyone and happy Chinese New Year!


Glo-w~* said...

Pretty~ I always admired the exoskeleton of insects and spiders. Once found a white on with blue n red strips running down the abdomen. I was only 7 then but remember it till now coz found it on my late dads tummy while taking a picnic nap^^

Nature Rambles said...

Happy New Year to you too! This is a beautiful spider. Good idea about using the pickle jar lid. I'll have to keep this in mind as I went through the same thing photographing a red bug.

Rangsant said...

I live in Bangkok. I found one on Tue 19 April at my house-gate. I have never found one before and took some pictures but not as clear as this one. It is magnificent, isn't it?

chebuoi said...

I just found one of this guy in my living room, don't know yet how to deal with it, is it even toxic I wonder