Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lighting Up the New Years

Hey guys!

I really hate to be sentimental but look... FIRST POST OF THE NEW YEAR!!! Anyway I really hope that all of you had an amazing new year's eve celebration last night! I know I did! We left my house quite late because Bernie was out getting her hair done (she wanted to look gorgeous as she ushered in the new year) but as we headed off into Telawi  for dinner I literally had the shock of my life! Why was it such a ghost town out there? I felt almost like I had stepped out of reality and into one of those zombie movies I've been watching a lot lately but as we enterred Indian Kitchen to order our dinner I was quite relieved to learn that our waiter was still very much alive! No rotting pieces of flesh/maggots whatsoever. After an awesome dinner (consisting mostly of Naans, Mutter Paneer and Butter Chicken Masala) we headed off to Solaris where the party had just begun!
Me and Bernie ushering in 2011
Unsurprisingly perhaps, everything was overpriced and overcharged at the New Year's celebrations! For isntance, a certain establishment tried charging us RM38.00 for four cans of coke! Can you imagine! That was more expensive than me and Bernie's dinner put together!!! Fortunately the proprieter of that particular establishment only charged us RM10 in the end (after much indignation and shock on our part!) "Just for New Year's," he said! Well, I certainly won't be returning there to pay RM38.00 for Coca Cola on any other day!

Boom boom bang

And what would a New Year's celebration be without the customary Pyrotechnique displays! I really love the "fireworks" option on my camera (it captures the lights so beautifully) so here are some more pictures that I took of the conflagration!

Anyway I get really easily attracted to bright, colorful and glowing things (like neon lights, which has gotten me nicknamed as "Moth Man" by my friends) so when the air show was over,  we took a laser pointer and put on a light show of our own! Check it out.
Swan Lake

The flaming Butterfly

And, here's a set of what I call, "interactive light-painting", here's some of what I mean!
Angel wings
Tequila Sunrise

Anyways this new year I hope you guys continue coming here! Truly I am grateful for the reader following. When I started this blog I never quite expected it to garner quite so high a following and truly I am happy that there are quite as many who show some interest in what I do. Glad to share and glad to learn more from some of you too and this, this piece of light art, I did especially for all of you~

Enjoy :)

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ken said...

wow.. the light painting is really nice..! :)