Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year Card

Hey Guys!

Chinese New Year, like any other holiday is the time of the year when you start sending cards out to relatives and friends. All of a sudden, people whom you've never seen or spoken to during the past year become so important as you try to rack your thoughts, praying that you've not left anybody out! Each year for Chinese New Year I like to come up with a piece of artwork. Last year, I my design was that of a Phoenix-like bird with flowers growing out of its tail-feathers. However, this year, because Wings of Paradise has been doign so well, I decided to use our mascot, Rose instead. She's dyed her hair back to black and dons a lovely Chinese dress and Chinese stage makeup to pose for all of you. And here she is.
Happy Chinese New Year 2011
Okay, I guess some of you might be wondering why I chose a butterfly theme since this is, after all, the year of the Rabbit but well, I guess its just the butterfly-bias in me operating. In the meantime, if you do drop by The Gardens at Mid Valley, try to keep this (last year's Chinese Yew Year design) in mind. I'm just saying, the likeness of the concept is REALLLY UNCANNY though I must say, one of my favourite CNY decorations thus far (I'm really not into the tacky Chinatown-esque pavillions and red lanterns)
In the meantime though, keep your mouths open and your nostrils flared, because I smell a fresh batch of Chinese New Year cookies ripening in the oven! Till next time, here's from all of us at Wings of Paradise wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!

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