Sunday, January 30, 2011

Climate Change

Hey guys!

I don't normally say this but oyyy what's with the weather! I'm not sure if this is the case with other parts of Malaysia but its been raining here all day! Not to mention the temperature's dropped so low that I can actually wear my scarves and jackets out of the house without sweating!!! Even the air seems...different somehow. Grayish and cloudy with just a hint of fog. This is the view from the rooftop of Bangsar Village. Check it out.

Now is that a gray day or is that a GRAY DAY??? Meanwhile it was so cold that I even joked to one of my friends that at this rate, give it a few more years and we'll be able to ski right down in front of our houses at Bukit Bandaraya! No need for any plane tickets to Korea or Japan or what not. At the same time though this just goes to show how messed up the climate of the world is turning out. Is it the cause of human activity? Or is this something the world goes through every couple thousands of years or so (like the ice age?) Who knows? Meanwhile, don't you think I look great in this knitted beanie Lei got for me?
I think it's reallly cute! Just love the poms on the top and the two dangling from the strings! I suppose if the weather keeps up I'll have a lot more occasions to wear it in the supposedly "tropical" Malaysian Weather. On a sad note, though, I guess this means a lot less butterflies this Chinese New Year. =(

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