Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Evolution of the Lady of the Lake.

Hey guys

I just think its pretty amazing when you take a look at one of your old works and then suddenly feel inspired by it again and then re-do the same thing, with the same concept, but better! Check this out.
Little lady of the lake ver. 1
This "Little Lady of the Lake" was done exactly two years ago! Back then I was very much into silhouettes and I came up with this as a tattoo design for a friend. I was pretty much satisfied with it the way it was back then but then for whatever reason upon looking at it today I decided to try it again but with a style that I've only recently started experimenting with. 
Little Lady of the Lake ver 2. rough sketch
I pretty much left everything the way it was making only minor changes. Of course the fairy/mermaid thing was no longer in silhouette so I had to draw her details in but I still wanted to keep her looking as smooth and lithe as she did before so I settled for a more matte/wet hair look as opposed to my usual voluminous locks. The colour scheme was changed as well to give it a warmer feel.

Little lady of the Lake vers 2. Coloured
Now I tried to go a little bit different with this fairy. Rather than stick with my usual line art, I decided to leave her wings un-outlined and then colour them in directly to give them a more firey-enegy like sort of feel which I replicated for the 'water" once I liked how well it turned out for the wings. Funny, isn't it? I suppose inspiration only comes in bits sometimes and on retrospect I probably should have not done so many of those glowing water bead/pearl things in her wings and hair. Oh well, maybe in the next two years I'll look at this and come up with something even more awesome!!!!

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