Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Policemen and Butterflies

Hey guys

So it seems I've becoming lax in my reporting over the insect world lately... what with the personal dimension suddenly thrown into this blog and all... so I'm just going to kick things off again with a little anecdote of something that happened to me yesterday. Okay. So it all started when I was heading off to meet Ray for lunch - and also to put the cement on the patching up of our fight the night before - when I saw a most beautiful Atrophaneura sp. butterfly fluttering over the bougainvillea at Sunway University. Immediately I knew I simply HAD to have it and so I took out my extend-able butterfly net from the back of my car and went after it. The butterfly got away, unfortunately but because I was already running late this meant that I had to carry my net, and container, with me all the way to JUSCO at Sunway Pyramid to have lunch with Ray and then head back. Lunch itself took place without incident, as the journey back, but it wasn't until I was heading back to my car to return the items that I was stopped by two policemen doing... oh I don't know what, their rounds possibly... in a white police car. I'll admit I was more than a little bit apprehensive, having run afoul of the police just a week before but it turned out they wanted little more than to take a look at my butterfly net and have a go at it themselves. Now, I'm just assuming here that they were off duty (so as to not imply that our men in blue were 'slacking off on the job' or anything) but we did have quite an enjoyable time, chasing butterflies down in the Sunway University football field. They even bagged me two! A pair of lovely tawny coster males Acraea Terpsicore which are ever so abundant around this time of year.

Butterflying with Law-Enforcers!!! Who'd have ever thought of that!!!

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