Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sprite's Public Debut!!!

Hey guys!

Do you remember my comic book superhero, Sprite? Well, he's made his first public debut and this time it is to join the battle to defeat TGV Cinema's villain, the insidious Gertrude Sinclair!!! Anyway, in order to be selected to join this fight, Sprite needs the help of the people who believe in him to tell those at TGV headquarters that he is worthy with his powers of flight and plant manipulation to take on this sinister crook! Think Sprite is up for the task, simply click on the picture of him below, or follow the link HERE to vote for Sprite. If you are directed to the main page, simply select "Gallery" and scroll to hero number #1317 to give him a vote.

Click here to vote
Now remember, you can only vote for Sprite once a day but can do so multiply over a number of days so please, whenever you have the time, show some support :)

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