Thursday, June 16, 2011

MALACCA (is a swear word in Greek)

MALACCA!!! Now if I were Greek or if you were, I suppose you'd have every right to tell me to go rinse my mouth with clorox before using such profanities on the net... although considering how the word Malacca in Greek just means "wanker"... I suppose there are other, worse swear words I could've used in the net that would perhaps warrant for more than just a gargling with noxious cleaning fluid. Anyway this post has been long overdue considering how the vacation took place almost... well actually precisely a month ago. But there were issues with the publicity of this blog and what not.. so there have you. Anyway on the 16th of May, Ray and I decided to do something really spontaneous which resulted in, ironically, quite a bit of planning, a few phonecalls and concluded in a trip down to Malacca! Now I know Malacca is not exactly really far away from where we live but... considering how this city boy has never driven out of the city in his life, I daresay it was quite daunting. Anyway we got there, safe and sound in one piece and because I'm not really big on history (having to read up on history for my chapter, I need a break every once in awhile) we visited the butterfly park and the zoo instead. The rest is pretty much self self-explanatory. So enjoy the pictures and save me from having to write about it. 

Tortoise!!! Torrr-Toyse! 
Imma protect you from the GIANT SCORPION!!!
Okay, okay... so enough with the coupleness already and on to the other attractions. The butterflies, yeah just because I've had a change of URL and privacy features does not mean I have completely forgotten the purpose of this blog... uh what was the purpose of this blog again? Oh right... to document the insects and living things that I see and all that... though in all fairness I suppose me and Ray are living things too...but oh okay, taken out of context and all that. Anyway I'm more than happy to show off some of these winged beauties...
and let's get started with this beautiful male Papilio Memnon  of which I have a larvae which has still not yet changed into a chrysalis making it more than a month since I first adopted it... I wonder what it's waiting for?
Another beautiful male~ this Orange Tip made it a point to flash itself to use all day, fluttering in and out of my peripheral vision until I approached it with my hand and it flew away for good. Just like some people... teasers, I believe. The kinds that love to show but are all no go. 
There were tons of these butterflies, too. One of the many subspecies of Cethosias, I believe. 
And the beautiful Kalimma Inacchus which are a lot like certain people really, for most of the times when they remain motionless, they resemble nothing more than dried up leaves. But give them time to open up, and maybe they might even surprise you with a flash of colours! 
Though, on the other hand, there are those who just can't resist showing off. And you do have every right to I suppose, when you're the King of the Butterflies like this magnificent specimen of a Trogonoptera Brookiana
But I must say that my favourite exhibit it ANY butterfly farm... has got to be the chrysalis cabinet, or cocoon case.
reminds me of my own Eclosion chamber hahahaha which is just missing the lego figure of the Hazmat man to give it the mad scientist sort of feel... but oh well. willnotwhinewillnotwhinewillnotwhine.
And so that's pretty much what we saw when we were at the butterfly farm... which is pretty much standard for any butterfly farm visit I suppose, considering how I completely missed the Atlas moths... but well, there were other awesome things to do there, too. I suppose. And once we were done with looking at all the wildlife - something which, I'm afraid is a little tihng of mine (when we go to the mall I always insist on making a trip to the pet-store first!) - we went to Jonker street for a little bit of good food too, although in all fairness we only ate two bowls of Cendol... but we did get one step closer to curing Ray of his fear of snakes though. And I always joke that he's a little bit afraid of me as well (seeing as to how I'm born in the year of the serpent in the Chinese zodiac)... so that's pretty much how we spent our first vacation together, granted it was a mini-vacation since we only made a day trip out of it, but he still ended up staying the night at my place, and the night after that as well. I guess you can say its moments like these I'll remember the most... along with taking my first bike-ride with him across Subang, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Hissssss~ two snakes and a horse.

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