Monday, June 13, 2011

Omens & Office Politics

Hey ya'll

was walking back  today after dropping off Ray when I noticed this guy perching on the wall of his university. It's really cool actually not only because of its immense size (this moth was almost as long as my index finger!!!) but if you look at it closer, maybe you can see something that is quite creepy.

Can't see it yet? Let me get a little closer...

Doesn't that marking on its back look a little bit like some demonic face or something? Gives me the heebie-jeebies! Anyway this moth sure was feisty cuz when I tried to pick it up it just sorta did a buzzing thing and dive-bombed my face for a bit before flying away. Wonder if its an omen for something nasty to come... although speaking of nasty, I've had to deal with some pretty bitchy people in the office lately but I wonder if it would be professional for me to blog about it here. She did, after all, send out a mass email to all my office colleagues and professors but I think I will not stoop as low as she did. Yet. Anyway Ray and I made a trip to the butterfly park over the weekend and I've been meaning to blog about that and post up the pictures.... but there's just so many of them... and I'm just so lazy!!! So maybe I'll leave that for another day. At any rate, there's just so many things going on right now in terms of birthdays and celebrations and... well I wonder if it makes my any less of a friend if I say that sometimes.... well just sometimes, I get tired of it all.

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Klex said...

lol, why are you so observant? I got a bit of chills too! and its currently 2.35am and im downstairs alone. Gonna run upstairs when i off the lights later.. lol