Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Defense Mechanism

There's something about swallowtail chrysalids that always strike my fancy. When pupating near green vegetation and plants, the chrysalis takes on a bright green colour that it may blend in better with the leaves in its vicinity. However when near objects like wooded sticks and twigs, they will take on a dark brown colouration complete with pigmentation to mimic lichen and moss on rotting wood. Now, since its commonly known that caterpillars have poor vision... i wonder what is it that triggers this particular form of defense mechanism. Speaking about swallowtail pupae, 8 of them have gone up so far 6 of which (as you see in the picture) had to be re-located due to the caterpillars choosing inconvenient spots for pupation (like the door to the enclosure for example which greatly inconvenience my cleaning and feeding responsibilities). I just hope they can/will develop properly and just as well without the characteristic papillionidae silken girdle!!! Will post updates as they come by. TTFN~ Tata for now!!!

Fighting is inevitable sometimes, I suppose. I just wish it doesn't have to be so bad >.< 

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