Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fit for a Queen

Hey guys!!!

So since Artemis' final moult she's not only grown wings, but a lot bigger as well!!! I decided the old tank wasn't just gonna cut it for my big-little girl so it was time to dig in the store-room for larger containers. Fortunately for her (and me) I still had one large empty tank lying around - from my newt keeping days - so all I had to do was empty out the gravel from the container and give it a good washing with soap and warm water which sorta annoyed the familia considering I chose to do all of this at 3am in the morning and the pipes to get a little bit noisy when we use them at that time of the day... anyway the effort (and annoyance) was worth it as you see because Artemis now has a huge and lovely new home to live in.

Artemis' new home
with all you can eat bug-fets everyday
Choice hanging locations
All in all truly a living space fit for a queen! And with this much room I get to see her climb around and even test her wings occasionally when she gets active at night! Such an amazing creature to observe. As always I do love watching her hunt for her food. I'm not sure about the tint of blue though... and it seems what once enhanced the colour of the underwater denizens of this tank doesn't seem to be doing much justice to Artemis'  own brilliant green and pink hue but oh well, I don't think it bothers her terribly. On a separate note I will be leaving to Saigon in a couple of weeks and, besides missing Ray dearly, I've come up with the huge dilemma of whose going to feed  and care for my pets. Naturally the dogs, birds and turtles can be cared for by other family members but I do have some which require quite special needs. My mantids, and other invertebrates for example. I wonder if I throw in a cricket or two will it sustain Artemis for as long as I'm gone?

The only thing louder than the groan I let out when I saw your face was the inescapable sound of your fail.


ken said...

this is interesting.. i wont rare an insect as my pet tho.. haha.. cant tahan :P

Klex said...

Smuggle him over... hehehe >:]