Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey ya'll

So I was just spending my time, bumming around and reading up from the National Geographic magazine that Ray had swiped from somewhere earlier this week when I came upon this section on co-evolution (defined as the change of a biological object triggered by the change of a related object) which had this really nifty sub-chapter on the Angraecoid Orchid and Madagascan hawk moths. Now, I'm not sure if you've heard of this story before, but basically, Charles Darwin (who, by the way if you do not know need to read more books or go less to church) while studying the biodiversity of the Madagascar Islands came upon an orchid whose blossoms seemed to baffle him. He speculated that the orchid, possessing a nectar chamber of over eleven inches deep, had evolved in such a way that it would target specific forms of insects most beneficial in the process of pollination. True enough, it wasn't long until the following moth specimen was found, with a proboscis of over thirteen inches long ensuring that it would not only be able to access the sweet nectar that lay at the end of the Angraecoid Orchid's nectar chamber but also aid the plant in spreading its pollen thus ensuring its species' continued survival.

Pretty nifty eh? An insect with an organ so much longer than yours. 
And that's my informative post of the day. I do apologize by the way to my ever-increasing readership for the change of tone that my blog has taken over the past few days - what with the involvement of my love life in it and all that -  but I assure you that I will keep the SG to an all time low, the SX to its bare minimum and overall try to keep it somewhere under the line of PG. So yeah... just saying ...PLEASE STAY WITH ME!!! I NEED YOU!!!! =3 ... speaking of which though, there are possibly a hundred and one different sexual puns I could've made in describing the Orchid and the Moth but... I did say I would keep the SX to its bare minimum... well, in these little informative sections anyway.. so I guess I used up my quota with the pun on the organ and what not ... so I guess I'm just starting to ramble now to make this blog post look a lot longer than it actually is.... and...I'm out.

Seriously though, keep reading.


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I remember this article!! I don't think I have the issue anymore but it was epic. And that pun.......*dies* that was priceless. I definitely wouldn't mind hearing a few more. XD Totally loving this blog. ♥

Oh and Artemis is GORGEOUS!