Friday, July 1, 2011


Bought more crickets for Artemis to feed on. Basically the plan is to fatten her up significantly before my trip so that while I'm there, all I need to do is slip in 3 or 4 crickets and she will definitely last my elongated period of absence. Interesting thing though, now that she's so big, she actually stalks her prey, watching from above and then hanging down so that when an unsuspecting little cricket strays within her reach... ZAAASZZZ!!!!

Well, you get the picture.
It's really quite an interesting and fascinating thing to watch actually, in a sick sort of sadistic way I suppose... but then again you couldn't possibly say that something similar would not be happening in nature because it is, I suppose her place to behave in such a manner at the top of the food chain. Anyway so there you have it. Am too excited that Ray is going to be sleeping over... again... =D fourth week in a row !!!

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