Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yellow Cab Trappings

Hey guys!!!

I'm now the in-house Artist for Caryn Lim's online blog-shop "Yellow Cab Trappings" (or just YCT for short) which is an amazing place where you can get awesome deals on brand-new branded items, from Victoria Secret swimwear to dresses and outfits from Urban Outfitters, and Supre'! But who am I to talk brands and fashion, I'm only the designer of her look-book where I contribute my two-dimensional girls to model her amazing line of clothings. But yeah, the prices are seriously pretty cheap and affordable and I guarantee you can't get the same deals if you were to visit an outlet directly here in Malaysia. So if you're interested, or may know somebody who is, just go ahead and click on any of the link on this post and you will be re-directed straight to the fashion paradise that is Caryn's YCT blogshop.

YCT Look book.

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