Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chasing Dragons

Hey ya'll,

I know this post sorta comes a little belated... especially when everything happened like a dream yesterday... but all I can say is that after a hard day's work, cooped up in my tiny little office, upsetting Spike, my poor potted plant, spilling soil all over the carpet, then having to fetch the poor cleaner (who was almost about ready to go off duty by the way) to vacuum all the dirt up after my own failed attempts at sweeping it up back into the pot with a piece of paper... it seems welcome, appropriate even, for one to regress back into one's own childhood state and enjoy some of the things we had enjoyed doing (but often taken for granted, slap our ungrateful child selves) in our youth! So, like two idiots, on the lawn of Monash University Sunway Campus, Ray and I ran with our nets, chasing after those tiny little flies some people sometimes call dragons... not for study, not for specimen collecting, but rather, for the sheer exhilaration and thrill of it.

I spy with my little eye, something buzzing; a Dragonfly!!!
Surprisingly, waiting for them to come to you - as opposed to running around like mad-chicken after them - can be quite Zen...
Precious catches of the day.
And one last thing to be the cherry on top of this dream-a-licious sundae~ a little video I put together, that's going to be this huge collection of videos I've made for the both of us ever since we got together. Enjoy :)

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