Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ray Says: Pedaling

Time for Ray says!!!

Hey faithful readers! For today's post, Imma keep it short. Class starts tmr. Yup, that's right. My semester holiday just came to its final day. Some are excited for they are finally released from the grasps of boredom whereas some wish time could stop so they may enjoy their vacation longer by snoozing in bed. As for me...I dunno what I want O___O

Anyway, I gotta sleep early tonite so Imma keep it brief. Ask me how's my month-long holiday? It's sweet. Seriously, I have consumed tons of sweet junks through the weeks. Haha. Ok, enough about food. Let's me take you on a history tour as to what I did for the previous weeks. Of coz, hubby's always there with me =3

Me and hubby started out travelling to a land shaped as a dog head with clean beaches. As much as we enjoyed there, we fell ill which was ewww. Then I was forced to go home (my Sibu home) to see Mummy and Daddy as well as my devilish brothers. Not to mention my other demonic relatives. They missed me, I guessed. I can tell by their insistence on feeding me. Then, I escaped hell and reunited with hubby who waited for me in the airport (How romantic) =3

A few days passed and we were the kings of the world. Dominating the cinema, enslaving little critters, climbing to the top of the world and riding bikes of fury. Here's a picture of hubby:
That's him. I'm serious. And no, I didn't minimize him into a Lego figurine. That's just a Lego representation of him. Haha. Earlier today, we decided to go to Bukit Cahaya (google it) and ride bicycles. It was hubby's first time riding a bicycle on his own. Though he ended up suffering a sunburn, I can say at least he has the guys to ride a bike. And who knows, maybe he will fetch me next time using a bike. Just you guys wait.

P.S. for those who do not understand a single adventure I mentioned, refer back to Cyren's previous post. It's all stated there.

And look at the time, I have been wasting too much of it already writing this post. Guess, I am not really ready to go back to class. Sobs...Anyhow, till next time =D

Pictures took during the Bukit Cahaya trip:

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Cyren said...

Hahahah they will need to wait for an eternity before I come to fetch you in that contraption :P