Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ray Says: Begins

Welcome to the first ever, Ray Says.

Hi Cyren’s blog readers, I’m Raymond and this is my first post on my hubby’s blog. As I mentioned in my blog, I will be writing a random post detailing the critical moments of my life (if I have them). Of course, there is the exception of Zhizhi (Cyren), the best and most important part of life. And he is the one who assure me to start writing again. If you guys were to refer back to my old blog, it’s...frankly, it’s quite dead. I guess I have lost the passion to write but to assure I don’t lost it completely, Zhizhi allows me to post random stuff of my likings on his wall. So bear with me for a couple of paragraphs.

Keep in mind that I would post random things in my life at any random giving moment and if hubby persuades me to do so. Thus, let’s not waste any more reading time.

I guess I should do a little intro on myself. Name’s Ray as you all should know unless you haven’t been reading this blog. Currently, I am doing Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Sunway University. Not a certified psychologist yet so don’t ask me for advice and where is the best food around Bandar Sunway. I’m full of morbidity so you guys might wanna bear with me for that. A common geek with interest in both DC and Marvel comics as well as building Lego (adults do it so why can’t I). Love random things but hate balloons and chillies.

Anyway, before I met the love of my life, my life was a void of love. I have one too many ex-es and I did things I am not proud of (well, most of them anyway). A lonely bastard I was, longing for petty passion from strangers just so I could trick myself into believing I am not all that pathetic in my miserable solitude. All that changed the day I met Cyren.

I stood there in the rain, waiting for the day my wait be worth waiting for. Letting out a sign, I almost gave up until...wait. In the distant, that’s when I saw him. In his majestic white steed, he came forward to me as if I was a fair maiden. With his chivalrous smile, he gently grabbed my hand as we rode off into the sunset and there was a happily ever after.

Well, it more or less started out that way. And it’s not a happily ever after since we are not dead yet but I would say we are quite happy together. I truly believe Cyren is the one (heck, we even call each other husbands). Sorry ‘bout the lovey-dovey overdose but hey, I love him.

With that, I end my first post with a sassy picture of me.

Thanks for reading ^^


Klex said...

Lol, funny picture. Whats wrong with balloons???? :P

Ray T said...

I kinda have a phobia against them >< they always pop whenever I'm near them

Cyren said...

Which is semi-unfortunate because I quite like balloons! Back when I stayed in my kampung in Bidor, ever Chinese New Year there would be this lady with her motorbike with tons of helium balloons tied to it and children would always come to buy them (this was about all the entertainment we had). Eventually my family moved out of Bidor to live in KL but we'd still go back every year for Chinese New Year. And because I'd like these very specific kind of red balloon, I remember how my grandfather would just wake up super early in the morning the day I was coming back so that when our car pulled up the driveway he'd already waiting at the front door, red balloon floating in hand :)