Monday, August 22, 2011

Comic Artwork: Flying High!

Hey ya'll!

So remember the thing I did... the thing about the comic strip featuring super heroes and villians (of which any resemblance to any persons living or dead are highly coincidental... or are they?) that I started out earlier this year cuz Ray liked comics and I wanted to give him his own comic? Well I'm here to say that... well, actually not much has been done since I last got working on it... in fact, nothing has been done at all. Lots of fantasizing, to say the least... lots of conceptualizing... coming up with storylines... but in terms of drawing. Not much. Until today, that is, when I came up with yet another cover-art featuring my favourite two superheroes!!! Anyway this is really a present for Ray... which is sort of a bummer cuz he was going to get me something originally but then I sorta went and ruined it by 'guessing' his surprise... so I guess I get no present this time round... but whatever yeah, its the thought that counts!!!! Anyway taking his suggestion, I decided to draw this one in a more comical style... sort of like a cartoon, you know?

CYRAY, Chapter 5: Flying High! 
So, what do you think? Cute? Ugly? Hahaha well keep your opinions to yourself, for now. Save it for when chapter one finally finishes and ends up being published!!! Anyway, on a random note, anyone else experiencing trouble uploading pictures to facebook?

Latest update. Original concept sketch of the cover... somehow it looks better in pencil form no? 


Brittanie said...

It's adorable! And aren't characters almost always (subconsciously?) based on someone whether we know of them or not? :P

*Wonders how she would fit into a comic?* XD

Cyren said...

Hahahaha thanks Brittanie!!! Well, yeah, actually that's true!!!! Hahaha anyway you know how touchy people can get sometimes, what with mis-representation and all so I figure if cartoons need to make such disclaimers before being aired on tv... well best cover my ass LOL!