Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hey ya'll

I BROKE MY TOENAIL!!! And it HURTS LIKE A MOTHER!!!!!! And I ain't even talking about a simple cracked toenail...more like my nail got torn in half and then ripped off my smallest toe due to a careless kick and a stumble while playing around near an escalator. It was such a shock I recall there was almost no pain at first, I just picked up the broken toenail and remarked that "there's some flesh on this"... and then of course came the blood, and the characteristic sharp throbbing sensation that often comes with open wounds and when I next looked down at it... OMG the blood! The Blood!!! Now... perhaps I may come off rather reckless, here in my blog... perhaps I may even come off as the type of person who don't scare easily (not true! I'm just good at hiding my fears...) but if there is one thing I cannot stand, it is the sight of blood! I don't know what, or why it is really... it's not even a fear (not quite!) rather, the sight of blood, oozing, or trickling... dripping... over... escaping from ANY orifice in the body is enough to give me the heebity jeebities!!! So anyway I just put some medicine on it and it stung again... like a mother!!! (in the words of Vufalah, Cheebity-cheebs yo!!!) but oh well I guess its gotta hurt something fierce before it can get better right... right??? Anyway, in consideration of everyone out there whose got the same issue with blood and open wounds like I do... also because I am not a flaunty show it off kinda person (rather...) I will spare you the toe pictures. Instead... let's focus on something else right now (because I too, need to take my mind off the pain)... and that is... Ray is finally back!!!

picking him up from KLIA this morning

You know... I really do believe it's true what people say, how absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz because when we saw each other... boy were those smiles plastered on our faces or what!!! And that's when I knew it... though he may be super childish at times... annoying...clumsy, careless... forgetful... reckless and takes unnecessary risks (I get a mini heart attack everytime!) I really do love this silly little guy...and very much so. YOU HEAR THAT RAYBIT??? Me love you long time!!! Speaking of long time, my long time friend Caryn has also offered me a temporary job at her online shop. Basically to get around hiring models and paying them exhorbitant fees to advertise her products, she's got me instead to come up with artistic renditions of these girls in various clothes. Of course I get paid a small sum, and its not much but it is sure enough for now. Anyways, that's really all I have to say today. Not much in terms of body, I know... but I do think its a good habit, writing... makes sure I don't get out of practice. Plus I suppose all this sentence structuring has got to count for something in terms of a warmup for when I actually get back to thesis work and all that. Till that time though~

Welcome home honey~ and don't you ever leave again anytime soon. ^^

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Ray T said...

awww...I love you too darling ^^

and, I ain't that childish...ish. Or annoying, I'm just a curious boy. Or clumsy, things just don't follow my way. Or careless, it's other people who are careless, resulting in making me look careless. Or forget, I kinda i agree with this so imma skip it. Or reckless and takes unnecessary risks, life is just too dull and mundane XD