Saturday, August 6, 2011

What do you call a dead bird on the street? ... Art.

Hey hey~

strange isn't it how some things can look very beautiful when taken from different perspectives and angles. I mean walking down the street, a squashed, mangled and half eaten pigeon is nothing else but a squash, mangled and half-eaten pigeon. And that is to say, it's not very pretty least not something you'd stop and admire (indeed if the sight of such a thing doesn't scare you away, I dare say the smell alone would!) and yet, if only you had stopped to look at it and wonder... and then taken a picture of it... maybe then you could make something of it that would look all at once slightly less repulsive and grotesque... but beautiful.. and even sad all at once.... speaking of which, I was walking down the street today, on the way to the park with Ray when I did see a squashed and mangled half-eaten pigeon looking ever so bedraggled on the tarmac. The culprit, no doubt the extremely fat and satisfied looking cat that sat barely three feet away, seemed to be eyeing me for approval. "Look at what I've done!" he seemed to say, and the longer I stared at it (don't touch it! Said Ray) the more I began to see exactly what he meant. There wasn't much of the bird left really, just a pair of rather manky looking wings with bits of meat still left on them but all in all the sight of the bird's remains on the tarmac evoked something in me that just had to be captured on film. SO out the camera came and before you knew it...snap snap. Picture taken. It wasn't until I had taken a long good look at the picture while I was editting it (I do that with most of my artistic shots) when I finally saw what the cat had meant. Yes, Mr. Kitty.... job well done indeed.

Looks like one bird gave its life for more than just Mr. Kitty's lunch. What's left of him became... ART. I call this one "Wings of the Fallen Angel"

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