Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pins and Needles 12: Mountain Views and Hawk Moths

Hey ya'll

Ray's starting his next semester soon, results being released tomorrow morning and so I guess it was only natural that we did our 'once-a-month' special date thing in advanced seeing as to how he'll probably so much more busier starting from next week onwards. We decided to go to this place in Ampang called Look-out Point - which is basically some brilliant entrepreneur's idea to put some stairs and a bunch of restaurants off the side of a mountain so people can eat and enjoy the view - that Ray's been practically begging me to take him to, to which I finally agreed - despite a severe bout of self-induced lethargy - because well, it's practically his last week of vacation anyway and I thought, why not? Unfortunately for us, we managed to get ourselves lots along the way (Cheras/Ampang IS an extremely large area, did you know?) but fortunately for Ray, he managed to get there in one piece (I can be quite the crank when lost on the road and nerves start taking over) and when we got there, I must say the view made it all worthwhile! And after all that romantic talk and twinkling lights, I still managed to leave with a little souvenir... I wonder what kind it is?

Trying out my new spreading board.
pretty cool, ain't it? 

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