Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ray Says: Tempus Fugit

As the Latin term goes, time flies. Another Ray Says again, with yours truly.

And here's a pic of a Lego Fly with stingers.
Moving on~

With a blink of an eye, I am already a week into my new semester which totally sucks. Here's why, I have more than 3 assignments to complete within this month with more on the horizon. Honestly, assignments are always going to be the death of me and yet, I seemingly enjoy doing them. Probably cuz I always learn random new stuff along the way. Here's a few:

1) Did you know, there's a thing called "what is beautiful is good" effect? It is believed that as long as you are handsome or beautiful, people usually assume that you have good personality or superb social skills. Guess look really does matter.

2) When you are working next time, always read your job description! If your boss asks you to perform certain life-draining task and it's not in your job description, you have the right to tell him you can't do it cuz you are not contracted to do so. But what if he/she fires you? Sue them 'till you become the CEO of the company. You are allowed to as it's part of your worker's rights. Of coz, it's the task is something trivial like printing paper, don't be a lazy bum please~

3) According to the evolutionary theory, as men age, their lust increases for younger women. Why? Simply because, younger women are usually beautiful and more fertile. No offense to the ladies but the evolutionary theory simply states that men prefer mates with traits that signal their reproductive value. Now now, I usually agree with evolutionary theory but I wonder what about people like me? I prefer older men (like Cyren :P). Maybe there are exclusions.

Back to my rant, I usually don't mind learning new stuff but I'm seriously overloaded with assignments. It's cutting down my sexy time. Oh well, better start hitting those journals now I guess. Fly flies and time flies. That's life. Not to worry. As my favorite verse goes:

Work it harder make it better,
Do it faster make us stronger.

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Cyren said...

This is why people love butterflies and see everything that's good about them but almost completely ignore/disregard/remain oblivious to the fact that they were all once 'hideous' caterpillars!