Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lilium Stargazer

Flowers! They have always invoked mixed feelings in different people. Be it the meanings behind the blossoms, their lustrous petals, their luxurious scents, flowers have always held a special place in my heart. Historically, flowers have been presented to mark many momentous occasions but perhaps the most well known of these is the way flowers have been gifted in Victorian times, to convey certain messages to people. A bouquet of different flowers for example, may be read (the specific meaning of each flower taken into consideration) as a sort of floral love letter to one's intended. Of course, many of that has been lost by now and I suppose some of the more commonly known floral messages are perhaps roses, for love. Daisies, for friendship, and the like. Then again, I know many people nowadays will not stand for flowers as gifts... I suppose in our captialist society, there really isn't a gift that could be any more practical. After all, you cannot display a flower indefinitely and not all flowers are easily preserved. Not me, though. I really do love flowers and personally, I cannot think of anything I would rather receive otherwise! (except maybe money). And I did! Ray surprised me today, you see, with a gift after all. A gift of flowers!!!

He even got me Lilium Stargazers, my favourite!
I guess it's true, and people do get comfortable after awhile in their relationships. It's so difficult not to, when you have someone you know who will always be there for you, to grab the tissues for you when you break out in one of your allergic spells, to do the dishes when you've done the cooking... but I guess some comfort is good in any relationships. I mean, the flames of passion can only last for so long... and then after that, I guess most people count on the softer embers on the hearth for comfort. Every now and then though, it is nice when someone throws in another log, just to keep the fire going. Love you for it darling!!! I'm sorry if my gift pales all the time in comparison!

My little office cubicle seems a little more bear-able now that it smells like tropical flowers. :)

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