Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet Trevor!

Hey ya'll!!!

You know, I don't know why I've never considered this before... but now that I think about it, toads/frogs/amphibians are actually pretty adorable little creatures! I mean, they may not look like much at a glance...and Goddess knows those species which produce slime can be quite foul... but really, there's something about those bulging eyes, the ever-twitching burlap, their short, stubby little feet that just screams in a fangirl voice..."OMG SO ADORABLE!!!!"

Okay.... so its not exactly the same as looking at the real thing but... 
SEEE!!!! Cute right?!?!?! ... okay, okay... so I get it that my standards of cuteness aren't exactly up to the 'norm'... no need to get your panties in a twist... but I think, maybe if you just look at it a little longer (maybe tilt your head to the side... squint one eye...) you can see the similarity? =D 
Then again, perhaps it could really just be me seeing it here... and as Ray can most certainly attest to (I'd be turning the house into a zoo if him/mum weren't around to control me) I really do love all animals to the extent that I would very much like to have one in my home. And I really do mean ALL animals (snakes, lizards and creepy crawlies included... all but raoches... they're not animals... they're horrible, horrible beasts...).. but I digress. We adopted a toad lately, Ray and I, through rather peculiar means. In fact let me just out and say that the toad we adopted is the very same one in the picture I've just uploaded here... and the circumstances surrounding its subsequent adoption were strange, to say the least. I mean you'd imagine that a toad, seeing something as large and intimidating as a human would quite simply flee for its life, as far as its back legs would carry it... but no, not this one. Instead he simply stepped up into the little cup I had held near him and sat there  on the bottom, as smug and snug as a bug in a rug, staring at me with those brilliant golden eyes of his almost saying "well...? Are you going to take me home or what?" and take him home I did. Fortunately I still had some things left back from when I used to keep newts and, conjecturing that since they're both amphibians and would therefore require similar housing, managed to come up with a quick setup for the toad who made itself at home without further ado by chomping down on three crickets, all in a blink of an eye. Such a cutie pie...

And he sorta got stuck with the name, Trevor.
Anyway, something really interesting, turns out almost all toads have poison (they secrete it from a poisonous gland on their bodies) and apparently this poison can still retain its potency long after the toad has died... now this brings be back to the moment in Sabah when I was sick... now we all thought that it was a spider bite that did it... but now I recall the gift Ray presented me as an anniversary present... that bag made out of toad leather... toad leather that he made me 'kiss for good luck' thus ensuring ingestion of the poison in my system...In fact now that I think about it I'm almost positive it was the bag (I cross checked the symptoms of toad envonomation) but the bright side is, people do develop immunities to it over a period of time... although I don't see myself kissing a toad anytime soon... but I guess that's a good thing. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger eh? Anyway I don't love Trevor any-less than I did after knowing all of this and really today he climbed out of his tank to sit next to my palm as I write this post. What a lovely thing isn't he? Anyway I shall stop now, because I know amphibians are not many people's thing... so till next time~

*ps. Its Ray's last week of holiday... what say you, do I really have it in me to take a few more days off to have fun with him before term starts?

Hi, my name is Trevor and I have an ash-tray as a bathtub. :3


Vincent~ said...

frogs.... well... if its kermit the frog i am ok... but its the limit of my amphibian love. >_<

Cyren said...

Keroppi how? :D

Vincent~ said...

i am still at the stage of deciding whether keroppi is a guy or a girl

Cyren said...

Hahahha Keroppi is a boy lah sure~

Brittanie said...

I love them all! *.* You're not the only one who thinks they're PWECIOUS WITTLE THINGS! ← This is the fangirl in me. XD

Keroppi's a guy! I think.......a guy in touch with his feminine side cause I could've sworn I caught him wearing girl's clothes. XD It's all adorable though.

You named yours Trevor? I like! HP fan? =)