Monday, February 21, 2011

The World Through My Eyes

Hey guys!

So let's just take a break from all the taxidermy! It's just so typical, I wish for more butterfly-things to post here and when it finally comes, there's just soo much I have to write on and not enough time even to process my specimens and take their pictures! On the other hand I did take a day off today to go out with a pretty amazing friend! Lots of fun! And when I came back I was just so inspired that I had to come up with this piece here! You know how I love looking at the magical side of the everyday-life? Well, looking at some of the strange insects at the Penang Butterfly Farm, I couldn't help but draw comparisons, between the physiology of these insects and the faeries and nature spirits of folklore and mythology! Seeing as to how my Honour's research is going to be about mythical creatures, I take this as a really good sign. Looking at some grasshoppers and phasmids today I managed to come up with this piece here.

Fae Phasma (Phantom Bramble Sprite)

And that's how Cyren, "C"s it.

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