Friday, February 11, 2011

"P" is for Penang!!! And Poke'mon

Hey guys!!!

Another trip to Penang which will make it like my second in just a few months, prompting a friend of mine to say "WOW, you guys really love Penang don't you?" And to be honest.... yes, yes I do. Penang will always be a very special place for me, partly because it was where I spent my first independant vacation with friends as a college student but also because of that unfortunate, and rather comical slip I made up in the plane on that trip that had everybody rolling around with laughter. Really, I'm not that stupid, I just seem a little bit himbotic sometimes. But I digress. Packing for a vacation is always soo difficult, so little luggage space and so many things to bring! I tihnk the problem with me is that I'm a random dresser. That is to say I rarely plan my outfits the night before. There's really no point when I put it on, take a look at myself in the mirror, decide "nah!" and change my entire ensemble anyway. I mean, I can go through like three or four sets of clothing alone in one sitting! It's not that I'm vain or anything... but I do believe presentation is a very important part of a person and well, I'd like my outward presentation to reflect my inner environment as well... and I can't predict how I'm gonna feel the next day so you see my problem.
And this is just me packing for a four-day trip within my OWN COUNTRY

I guess another reason why packing has always been a hassle for me is that I keep getting distracted or side-tracked. Sometimes its like I find something in my closet that I haven't seen in YEARS and its all like WOW.... I never knew this was there, so I try it on to see if it still fits but then when I do I realise its got that funny closet smell so I contemplate washing it and bringing it or not bothering at all since I got tons of nice-smelling clothes as it is... and other times it like when I'm deciding what electronics to pack. My Nintendo DS, for example, which I noticed still had my Poke'mon Heartgold game card in it so I decided to play and before I knew it... it was afternoon and I had finished the game. Btw, check this out; my current pokemon team which basically consist of bug-type poke'mon.
A bug-catcher in every reality eh? Meanwhile, if you don't remember the names, the poke'mon are (from left) Yanmega, Venomoth, Drapion, Butterfree, Scyther and Scizor.
Meanwhile a lot of people tell me with a bug-team I will get my butt kicked at every private battle I do against flying, electric, ice, fire, rock and dragon type trainer I come against (and that's the PG version of what was really said) but I sure proved them ALL wrong when I won a battle against a higher levelled Dragon/Fire trainer last year and got myself a limited edition Celebi and Shaymin which, btw are two really rare poke'mon just in case you didn't know. Yeah I know, I'm such a geek for playing this game but really it provides me some degree of escapism and I like it and also I guess its none of your business what I do during my free time but.... of course I'm telling it to you here so, I guess it would be your business after all? I kid, I kid, you guys are awesome! Anyway I'm really sorry for the lack of insect-related posts lately but what can I do...I don't tell butterflies when to breed. Hopefully it will let up. On another note though, psst, don't tell anyone. I'm smuggling Ninja onboard the Air Asia flight! Wish me luck!!!

They should invent non-fattening-guilt-free-healthy snacks that are actually tasty!!!

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Ray T said...

I have soulsilver. Let's battle!!! XD

but i have cyndaquil on my team =P