Monday, February 21, 2011

Permanent Lodger

Hey guys!!!

Remember the Tawny Coster I brought back from uni a few days ago? Well it seems quite persistant to hang around so I thought, rather than let it live outside, why not give it free roam of my room. There are a whole lot less predators in here and I can always bring it flowers to feed on! Of course, feeding it was a chore (for some reason most butterflies don't know how to feed in captivity, but I managed to coax this one to do it today, by unfurling his proboscis with a needle and guiding it into the right flowers! Phew! What a chore! Anyway here's a video of him eating. Isn't it amazing???

Pretty nifty eh? The video was taken from my iPhone so it was quite shaky at times! On the other hand, though I do wish I managed to capture the "unfurling with a needle" on film cuz that would've been quite interesting I think. Oh well, maybe with the next butterfly, when I have the time to set up the tripod! Coming soon, butterfly breeding project pt 2? But for now, Cheers!

Fruit Loops are just GAY Cheerios.

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