Tuesday, February 1, 2011

D.I.Y Shorts. (when you want new clothes but can't afford them)

Hey guys!

I was so frickin' pissed this morning! I'm not even joking about how pissed I was but I was sure as hell more pissed than I've ever been in a long time! Of all the horrible, ungrateful things for a person to do...all I can say is it was the final knife to my heart I was going to take willingly. Anyway with all that anger inside of me I needed an outlett to vent, also I needed a way to do it constructively rather than destructively and that's when I remembered that I have been dying for a new pair of denim shorts but have been short of cash to actually buy some from TOPMAN. So why not make a few myself? A pair of old denim jeans and some fifty snips later....
Cut up jeans
Note, I would not reccomend one doing this to clothes that are still brand new and wearable but, if like me you have jeans that you have not used in a very very long time, then why not right? I mean so what if you accidentally cut one leg shorter than the other, its not like you were using those jeans anyway? Well, it just so happens that I had two pairs of jeans which were salvagable. After patching up all the holes in them (I wear my jeans out a lot) and cutting them to desired lenghts I simply folded up the bottom of the jeans and hemmed it (which is more simple than it sounds)
"brand new" Denim Shorts
Fortunately for me, I remembered that I also needed new beach shorts for when I go on vacation to Penang so I left the second pair of jeans unhemmed. Instead using a sharp needle and a wood file, I grated the ends of the jeans to give it that worn "frayed look" which adds a certain "vintage" sort of charm to it that I kinda like!
Denim beach shorts! Ps. I only dare take this picture after first loosing a total of 7kg last year through
healthy eating and exercise~!
So let's re-cap what happened to me today. First I got up angry, then I told someone off, and finally I got myself two new pairs of pants, and without even taking a step out of the house! It's a win-win situation! Win-win because I won twice!

Who knew Anger could be a muse?

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Nava.K said...

Am not sure about the jeans, but whats obvious is yr tattoo.