Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Mothman Cometh!!!

Hey guys

live and let live eh? Anyway remember the Unidentified Crawling Object that I picked up from University a couple of weeks back and then I thought it was going to die but actually it was just spinning a cocoon? Well, as we all know, things usually come out from cocoons a few weeks later and that thing is this!

Well it was a moth like I expected it to be (the cocoon was a dead giveaway) but unfortunately its wings were deformed, that is to say they did not expand to their full size and consequently it could not fly very well. It was quite cute though, the way it waved its furry front legs at me when I coaxed it to climb up on my fingers
Isn't it so furry? Like a cute little teddy bear?
Notice how his wing is puffy and wrinkled (more on the right side)
Anyway, because he cannot fly I suppose releasing him is completely out of the question, which means hand feeding him the same way I had to hand feed the tropical swallowtail moth we kept as a pet in our house for two weeks or so! However, since I have come under fire for my parenting skills (apparently apple juice is not varied a diet enough for my babies) I decided to spruce things up a little and I fed him a small bit of mango.
nummy nummy num
It must've been some good mango because he was just at it for hours! Anyway, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, in fact its about one hour away and I hope everyone here has a safe trip back to their hometowns or, if you're not going anywhere, an exceptionally enjoyable one in Kuala Lumpur. Till I next update you on my life, take care folks!

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