Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey guys!!!

No, I'm not the one whose moving house! In fact, we moved just once when I was twelve and I don't think we're going to be moving again anytime soon. At any rate I am beginning to grow very comfortable here and when Cyren gets comfortable with something, he rarely moves an inch from his spot. Unfortunately, not everyone can get comfortable so easy in a single spot, and I suppose when you're small, the size of a comma, its going to be extremely hard to find a place where you can truly be comfortable in.

Fern in a shell
This, my friends is a potted fern, and the reason why its not doing so well was the same reason I accidentally "force-evicted" a family of a hundred thousand. I planted said potted fern a few days ago (possibly last week) because I thought it would look cute in a snail shell. For awhile it looked as if it was doing great, new shoots and everything but when I checked on it today I noticed that it had dried up. Without a thought I picked up a watering can and poured. I poured and poured away and when I was done. HAVOC!
Now tell me, how was I to know that an entire colony of ants had made their home INSIDE the snail shell! Poor things, I watched, both in fascination and horror as the workers rushed to save their larval and egg sisters from drowning. There were just so many of them! They kept coming and coming and coming.

Chaotic isn't it? And I felt simply terrible! Eventually even Her Royal Higness, The Queen took offense in my actions and vacated the nest herself. I don't know where they were going by the way, they just scampered up the wire and into the leaves of the tree, eggs and all. I hope they do find a new/better place to nest and...if they chose to go back into the shell...well they really should have gone a bit deeper, you know. Like inside the curl of the shell, where the water would not have reached them. I knwo that's what I would've done if I ever moved into a shell.


Nature Rambles said...

Ha...ha!! But for the ants invading this tiny space, using a shell isn't a bad idea!!

Thanks for your comment on my butterfly post. It is a nymphalid and I looked up Archduke. But it looks more like a Grey Count. I was actually going through the Archduke photos ( after reading your comment) when I saw the Count!

Cyren said...

Oh you're right!

It IS a Gray Count! Bravo :D