Thursday, February 10, 2011

Queenbee Pinup

Hey guys!!!

OFF TO PENANG IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS! And the good news is that I've already recieved my offer letter from Monash University to do my Honours starting February 28, 2011. I have also been offered a scholarship of 45% that will be deducted from the overall fees and what's more, I hear Honours students get their own room although since this year boasts about 12 students in total...well who knows how that will turn out? Anyway, its not like I've not been keeping buzy these holidays and I have been upkeeping on certain art projects, the main one being coming up with a pair of butterfly-fairy wings for a tattoo which, to be honest, makes me feel very fairy-godfather like because now I can tell people I've honestly "given someone a pair of wings!" In the meantime though I've not neglected on my personal art projects. Here's another piece in the style of pinup.

Rose as the Queenbee pinup
 The original idea was to have a Queenbee, sweet as honey, but then I remmbered that even Queenbees have stings and so I turned her into a dominatrix instead. There's still some elements of that cuteness in there though (which is usually the case when I try to make my characters badass) but oh well there it is. Anyway I've never felt better in such a long time and goodness we can only hope it will last for the rest of the year.

To new beginnings!

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