Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom Lovers

Hey guys!

Just a quickie before I turn in. Consider it a late Valentine's Day art piece or what have you!
Cherry Blossom Sprite (Fae Serrulata)
A pair of cuddling cherry blossom sprites! Now isn't that just quaint? Cherry blossom sprites are highly communal, and they often nest in the thousands open a single tree. You know when you see a sakura tree in full bloom one day and the flowers miraculously dissappear the next? It's cuz the entire swarm of sprites had flown off to another tree in the middle of the night! Anyway it's getting late so I shall soon turn in. Some people might ask me why I draw faeries all the time. Well, just a pinch of interest I guess, add a cup of fancy and a tablespoon of whimsy and finally a whole bucketfull of this amazing drug called ESCAPISM!!! Yeah, I draw fanciful things to escape my real life problems. So sue me.
I'm not a bug, I'm a fairy!

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