Sunday, February 6, 2011

Night at the Tower Regency @ Ipoh

Hey guys!!!

If you've been following my tweets you will probably know that we were stuck, literally, in Ipoh (North of Malaysia) last night! The traffic was simply horrendous, so horrendous that driving was quite simply out of the question! Originally we were hoping to leave by four but it turned out we ended up booking ourselves a stay at the Tower Regency Hotel which, by the way is a pretty nice hotel as far as hotel goes but a word of caution: The toilets smell of poop! And no, I don't mean AFTER we've used it, I mean like even BEFORE!!! The first thing you get when you open the door, is a waft of stale, damp air with distinct overtones of FECAL MATTER! My theory is that the toilets all share a central ventilation system resulting in a POOP smell everytime someone uses the bathroom in one of the other units on the same floor. (The smell wasn't so bad when I used the bathroom without the lights on, but when the lights came on and the ventillation fan started, OOPS! There's that smell again!) So it wasn't just poop smell I was getting in the toilet, it was the smell of someone else doing their business. Charming. That, or a sewage thank was leaking somewhere in which case, poop water in the walls? I don't know which appeals to me more. Anyway, I like to look at the glass half-full so I suppose it was still the better alternative to being stuck for 8 hours or more in a snail-paced jam! Meanwhile, what a view huh?
You know in all my life I don't think I've actually seen a purple sunrise before
The wierd tihng about this hotel, is that they have a 14th floor! I don't know much about in Western countries but in Asian countries, its usually a taboo to have a 14th floor and the hotels usually go from 13 - 13a/b and then 15. Naturally  I went snooping around room 1408! It was there! And there were voices inside! Of course they could have simply been guest voices but like hell I was going to take that chance. I snapped a picture of the door for souvenier and hightailed it out of there as fast as my legs could carry me! Fortunately enough, the traffic had started to let up by the time we finished our breakfast the next day. Smooth drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur and thank goodness too because I was getting very cramped in the rear-region and to be frank, missing sorely my bed and my pillow! Needless to say I was going home to a pair of dogs, four birds, two fishes and my darling praying mantis who were simply thrilled to see me. Oh and speaking about dogs, you simply have GOT to take a look at my cousin brother's Fifi.

Don't let her looks fool you! This sweet little "puppy" has been a mother several times over already!
And boy am I gonna miss them all again when I go to Penang for four days this coming Sunday! I wonder, if Air Asia will object to me bringing my mantis along for the ride?
Yes baby, I'll misss youuuu tooo!

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