Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Faeries that Look like Bugs!!!

Hey guys!!!

I'm beginning to enjoy drawing these faeries which look like bugs! You know in my little piece of World, if Faeries were going to exist, they'd all look like this! I mean, I think the idea seems a lot more plausible than dimunitive humans with insect-like wings... I mean is it a bug or is it not a bug?!?! Then again, look at me here, arguing the existence of faeries... Anyway, this is a predatorial rose sprite! Like many other faeries which resemble insects and/or vegetation it can be classified under the flower fairy category! Like its namesake, it hunts for butterflies and insects amongst the foliage, snaring and then paralysing the insects with their venomous claws and barbs as they get attracted to the sprite's floral scents. They learn to mimic roses expertly to avoid detection by humans and predators but can, and will, attack with a poisonous sting if they have to.
Predatorial Rose Sprite (Fae Rosa Thireftis)
Hahaha listen to me, talking about faeries as if they really existed! Then again, I'll have you know that I grew up most of my life believing in things like spirits and faeiries, not necessarily magical creatures from out of this world, but beings living on separate spiritual wavelengths than us which reminds me of a blog post I did on my other blog which I may or may not re-post here. Anyway, all in the name of fun eh?

I do believe in faeries! I do! I do!

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