Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ray Says: Lego Residential

As part of my New Year resolution and my dream to build a Lego community, this is what I could conjure up for now (with limited pieces). When I was little, I was spoiled by my daddy with Legos. He would buy loads for me whenever we traveled to Kuala Lumpur. Lego sets were rare sights back then in Sibu.

Since my first set of Lego, I have this crazy dream of building a Lego community whereby my little minifigures would stay and I would pretend they are real and I'm their ALMIGHTY GOD!! WHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ahem...like Toy Story, I believe in my heart that these tiny figures are alive and they need my help to build them houses to stay in. I can only do so much for now but hopefully, in the near future, I can create a whole valley of houses or a city for them to travel. Of course, there will be a mountainous area whereby my reverie as an adventurer imposed onto one of the figures would come alive.

Anyway, enough nonsense of my fantasy. Below is the latest building I created. It's cramped, I agree but the figures would have to make due for now. I call this building Botanical Research Facility

The Entrance
Upper front view
Upper back view

Back View
Side view

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