Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hey ya'll

Ray is back and that would normally be great news... however, the welcome back celebrations were halted by the presence of most unwelcome invaders in our home. If you think a roach infestation is bad (No, we don't have a roach problem!)... you have not dealt with a termite problem! They can be so tenacious, these little insects (which would be admirable under most circumstances) and they eat almost anything that is organic that they can sink their little mandibles into! As of now we have lost a book shelf, a dictionary and several good story books to them... and I have no idea what to do!!! They really could not have decided to come and infest us at a more inopportune time... I doubt there is still an exterminator open during the Chinese New Year and what's more... we can't exactly LEAVE the problem alone and hope it will rectify itself! Termites are notoriously fast at damaging wood products in tropical climates and I really do not want to risk them spreading to the opposite side of the room where the comics and other important documents are currently being stored in plastic containers! I'm truly at my wits end here...CNY was supposed to be a break... which turned out to be a farce because I was NEVER buzier... so I thought what with it ending and all I can finally get some rest but it turns out that (ironically) the amateur entomologist is being bugged, by unwelcome bugs.

the termite queen, looking like something from the movie ALIENS... where the hell is Ellen Ripley when you need her! 

Not so cheerful,


Lucile Lynch said...

Sorry to hear about your ordeal. It’s such a shame that even the books were affected by the termite infestation. The best solution for that is to use insecticide that is specially designed to kill termites. If you have done that and the termites are still there, have an expert to help fix the termite problem.

@Lucile Lynch

Bridgette Adair said...

I’m a book lover as well, and had to deal with termites feeding on my fave old dictionary before. I know how it feels and I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. Termite attacks can cause a great loss in property, not only in households but in businesses as well.

Bridgette Adair