Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ray Says: When saying goodbye

Recently or just now if you want to be specific, I received the most distressing news of the new year. My pet Diana died. I barely had it for a year and it left me and Cyren just like that without even a word, not that it could speak. To matter worse, I didn't even get to say goodbye. It died in Cy's house while I'm all the way at East Malaysia. All I have are the pictures below to remember him by.

Diana, the name of my mantis, was found together by me and Cy and with respect to the Roman Gods, we decided to name him Diana (we expected it to be a girl initially). Cy knows how to tell the gender. I just trust him. Anyway, these little critters usually live up max a year but mine died less than that (roughly 5 months or so). The reason behind this might revolve around the food I fed him and the climate I kept him in. It seemed like just yesterday it crawled up my Lego empire. Life's too short.

Here's two photos of my first and beloved mantis:

Resting on a Lego tree, thinking that it's a real one

Stalking a geisha with a big belly

I'm gonna miss how it made a home out of my Lego shelter. Good thing I caught another one a few weeks back. (Her) name is Athena =D hopefully it is a girl. lolx

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Brittanie said...

Diana......Love it!!

He was a cutie. Mantises are one of my favorite insects. Something so fierce about them and mysterious.

To Diana

Never knew you but love you all the same may you watch over Ray and Cy you are loved and missed.

I know how you feel. 2 years ago I had went away for 2 weeks and when I came back I had found out my beloved hermit crab had went to heaven (got 3 news ones same day) but I know how upsetting it is.

Never forget though....they're watching.......♥

P.S. The bug geek in me wants to know what kind of mantises are these? They're so green! Sorry for rambling. ^^;;